Friday, November 16, 2012

Can you handle this?

Sorry for the corny post title. I couldn't think of anything else. A couple of years ago I painted an old antique dresser and have gradually been making little tweaks to it ever since. Well now, I'm pretty sure I can't tweak it any more. I have been anxious to do a little oil-rubbed bronzing (ORB) magic to the drawer pulls to update the "brassy-ness" of them. Brass is just not my thing and doesn't really go with anything I own.

The drawer pulls are so ornate but they just looked blah in brass-on-white in person. Here's how they started:

Sorry for the crumby photo. I took it in bad light and was too anxious to get it posted that I consciously neglected to lighten it up in Lightroom.

It took a couple of days for the drawer pulls to dry so after unscrewing them, my genius engineer-of-a-husband decided to install some temporary pulls (seen above made out of twine) so that it wouldn't be a huge challenge to get the drawers open without the handles.

He also had a great idea to secure the drawer pulls on a plank of wood so that I could flip them upside down in order to paint the under-side of the handles. Sadly, I didn't get a photo before I detached them. Sorry.

I used Rust-oleum's Metallic ORB spray paint for a diy job that I haven't yet posted but will in the future. So in essence, the paint didn't cost me anything because I already had it on hand. Bonus.

Here are the drawer pulls installed back on the dresser in their ORB goodness:

A while back, I also decided to line the drawers with some leftover wallpaper from an old project my aunt and uncle did at their house that was leftover. I asked for the few leftovers and lined the drawers to cover the old finger prints that are inside the drawers.

I'm not certain whose finger prints they are but I know my grandfather used to touch up/re-stain old antique pieces he picked up and since I've had this dresser since I was a kid, I like to imagine that they're his. I'm not sure they are though. So instead of permanently gluing the paper down to cover them I just have it floating on top like so:

So there you have it. The only "before" photos I could find that I still had of the dresser before going white were these ones of Milo in his first few days with us - over 5 years ago. So excuse the poor quality, junky and cluttered University student digs and gratuitous kitty shots.

My one and only regret about painting this beautiful piece is that I didn't keep those keyholes in their original state. One day, I may strip the paint from them but that will be a lengthy and tedious process. In the meantime, here she is once again all doled up with ORB handles:

While we're keeping things real, I cut off the top of the photo so you can't see the pile of laundry waiting to be put away.

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Happy weekend.

Until next time...

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