Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DIY Floating Vase

I've had this floating vase tutorial/idea from one of my favourite blogs (Cupcakes and Cashmere) bookmarked for ages now and I finally got around to putting one together to brighten up our drab rental apartment walls.

It was a bit challenging getting the wire tight enough to securely fasten the glass jar to the wood plank without glue but thanks to a certain engineer I have kicking around, I (he) was able to make it work.

I took the photo at night but it looks much better in daylight on the wall against the grey painted wood plank. The paint was leftover from a test pot I got from Home Depot and the wood plank was from an old bathroom storage unit my sister left behind before moving out west last spring. The glass jar was formerly home to honey and was bound for our recycling bin. The wire, Greg had on hand in his handy-dandy tool box/bag.

I guess technically, to keep things honest around here, I did break not one but two drill bits while adding the holes to the wood plank. Don't ask.

So the little project was virtually free because I had everything on hand (minus the flowers and the two drill bit casualties). 

I'll post a better photo sometime soon when I get some fresher flowers and daylight. But give it a try if you'd like. It only took about an hour (if you don't count the drilling issues I had) including the time spent waiting for the paint to dry.

Until next time...