Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Going m.i.a. for a while

It's kind of a shocker to me that I'm writing this, but I think I've decided to step away from this blog for a while. Indefinitely actually. This blog platform is not what I'm looking for any more and it's become rather stagnant for me as I make a transition into service/consumer (weddings, engagements, maternity, family portraits, etc.) photography. At least that's my hope.

In fact, I have two engagement photo sessions coming up very soon. One is booked for this weekend. So I'm getting excited about that.

I'm also having continuous problems trying to keep this space free for me to use but with all my photos I keep running out of free web space. Additionally, I am on the verge of putting together a professional online photography portfolio so I am exploring options for having blog space attached to that. It's a work in progress and I have no idea when it will be up and running but my goal is some time in January in the New Year.

In the mean time, I will still be posting photos regularly to my Flickr account. I will also do my best to keep up with tweeting as often as I think about it.

{Blue Jay photos taken in Muskoka this past weekend by Greg and edited by me}

So if you'd like to keep in touch, please do! You can find me here on Flickr and here on Twitter.

With any luck, I'll be back some time in January with an exciting new way to blog and post photos for everyone to see.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time...

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alex onthespot said...

nice pcitures :) the birds are realy cute !